they call me unit, trusted merch dealer for the Comp USA Live team

yea, i'm an anarcho catitalist. have a problem with that?

take a look at my warez.. i'm sure you'll find a reason to give me your funds.."

CompUSA Live Logo Cap (Season 1) $25.00 (Sold Out)
Show your love for CompUSA Live with this stylish and functional baseball cap made with premium materials and emblazoned with a genuine CompUSA Live logo. This limited edition cap won’t be around after the Season 1 finale, so get them while you can, folks. It’s the perfect accessory to show your friends and family that you’re a day one CompUSA Live fanatic!
CompUSA Live Logo Tee $15.00 (Sold Out)
Sometimes we like to think of CompUSA Live as more of a band than a groundbreaking live desktop theater show. Every band needs a band tee and CompUSA Live is no different. This tee keep its simple — a CompUSA Live logo on a premium cotton shirt. Need we say any more? Didn't think so!
CompUSA Live Custom Logo Tee $45.00 (Sold Out)
Every single custom logo tee we make completely unique and will never be made again. Tell us your size and we’ll send you a tee made just for you!
Walker safety helmet signed by the CompUSA Live Team $250.00
RARE 1/1!
This is your one and only chance to own a piece of history as seen on Episode 6: Livin’ In The City! This is THE construction safety helmet worn by actor Brendan Kirk in the seminal CompUSA Live sketch, Walkin’ Here. In our opinion, this piece belongs on a mantle, but it’s fully functional and perfect for wearin’ it to the job site (you know you have to survive..), a trip to see Thomas Banker, or just hangin’ around the house. Remember, if anyone’s givin’ you any hassle, you're WALKIN’ here!
Host’s Opera Mask from Episode 5, Trust No One $200.00
RARE 1/1!
Everybody’s watching me... lets just print the words to that first opera song, nothing else. That's funny and mysterious. Can’t watch right now shit internet.
CompUSA Live: Pop "Audience Contract" $100.00
This is an authentic, legally binding contract that was signed by every member of the audience during CompUSA Live: Pop Spectacular.
Exxanity Marketing Brochure $100.00
See what you missed out on — Exxanity: The Greatest Lifestyle Choice of the Century. As seen in CompUSA Live: Livin’ in the City!
Pins! $1 / 3 Pins (Sold Out)
These custom-made pins features portraits of your favorite CompUSA Live characters from Season One! FREE with purchase of any item!